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Looking to hire damn cool Junior Full-Stack Developers?!

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<Code For All_The Netherlands>

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Go from n00b to happily employed Junior Full-Stack

Software Developer in just 14 weeks.

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const 48Bootcamp = {
startDate11th January 2021,
endDate16th April 2021,
duration14 weeks,

// No Money, No Problem:
// We Have $olution$!

No Money? No Problem!

Got plenty of talent && tons of motivation but your ca$h flow is sort of running low?! Worry not, ‘cause we’ve got your back(up). Just <FAQ Yourself> && find out our $olution$ to your probl€m!

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FAQ Yourself

#ThisIsHowWeEnroll 101

To whom is this bootcamp meant for?

To any living being (male, female, non-binary && || other) of the humankind over 18 – unemployed && || available – with an overwhelming desire && an unbreakable determination to <re>program their life, starting a new and promising career as <Junior FullStack Developers>.

What is the minimum level of education required?

None. We’re looking for brilliant minds, whether or not they have a certified piece of paper to prove it.


Do I need any prior experience in programming?

Nope. Our bootcamps are mega N00B friendly and our fantabulous team of <Master Coders> is more than prepared to get you started in the logic arts of programming and algorithmic reasoning. There is a "but", ‘though…​ You must be able to read, write, speak && LEARN in the programming language of Mr William Shakespeare (aka English!). It is the lingua franca beneath all coding idioms and there is just no way to circle around it.

How long does the bootcamp last?

All of our bootcamps last 14 weeks, in a full-time intensive && absolutely immersive schedule (aka #NoSleepTillDeploy). That’s because it can’t be done any other way: programming is accessible to all but, in return, it demands a total and unconditional surrender from your side. A <Code Cadet> needs many “flight hours” in order to learn how to pilot Java && JavaScript through the job market and in just three and a half months.

What will I learn?

You will develop a full-stack programming mindset that will allow you to switch freely between back-end && front-end like a bo$$. You will use the freshest production techniques in software development, in a uniquely creative and disruptive environment that is both highly stimulating and uncannily informal. You will become fluent in programming’s best practices as you boost your mad development skills using the coolest frameworks available to mankind. But, above all, you will learn to learn; which is, basically, the most useful skill that can EVER be taught to a programmer!

How many seats are available?

25, censored! 25! #NietMeerNietMinder < 😉 />

And the sooner you apply, the greater the chances that one of them will be yours, ok?


How is the bootcamp schedule like?

“Officially”, the classes are from Monday to Friday from 09h to 18h. Yet, in reality, you’ll also spend most of your nights and weekends at the bootcamp, pumping out code or touching up the various individual and group projects that will be thrown at you. Basically, prepare yourself to live in an infinite loop of EAT SLEEP CODE REPEAT because, during 14 weeks, our will be your home and your fellow <Code Cadets>, your family.

#NoPainInTheMainNoGain #DealWithItOrDieTrying

How much does the bootcamp co$t?

That depends on you && on how fast can you tackle our application process…​

If you are a mega "early bird" && manage to get your "Golden Ticket" for the workshop day before November 30th 2020, the bootcamp will cost you 7.950 Bullet$ (*) (which must be "fired" in a single upfront non-refundable “burst” && within a maximum period of up to 14 days after our communication of your approval at the workshop final selection stage).

If fast timing is something that you don’t have, the bootcamp will cost you 8.950 Bullet$ (*) (which must be "fired" in a single upfront non-refundable “burst” && within a maximum period of up to 7 days after our communication of your approval at the workshop final selection stage).

In case your revolver’$ drum doesn’t have that many bullet$, AND if you think you have enough talent && potential to kill it at our bootcamp, worry not ‘cause we’ve also got a plan for unique shooting stars in dire straits…

Just start your application process A$AP && make sure you stand out enough in it to inspire us to find a customized $olution to your probl€m! Where there’s insanely awesome undeniable talent, there are always people willing to bet on it. Us, for instance! < 😉 / >

Yet, dealing with the payment of the bootcamp fee is just the last stage of our infamous application process. Before that, you will first have to successfully complete all the selection steps (remote && in-person) that precede the #ShowMeTheMoney, in order to obtain the status of approved candidate - aka <Code Cadet>. Only after obtaining such status, must you then formalize your registration in the bootcamp.

It’s #ApplyNowWorryLater freaking time: focus first on getting your application validated and then, together, we will try to find the most suitable financial $olution for your particular case, ok?!

(*) 30%-40% of which eventually “tax returnable”, depending on your post-bootcamp salary level!

Can I leave the bootcamp at any point after having enrolled in it?

Of course you can… It’s a freaking bootcamp. Not a prison! LOL

Yet, if you do decide to give up on us, bear in mind that we won’t be able to reimburse you "mid-flight", ok?

Also, if you were one of those rare shooting stars that were financially backed up, note that giving up without a (documented) force majeure reason, implies a full refund of the bootcamp cost, aka 8.950 Bullet$!

But c’mon…​ Quitting is not really an option here, is it?!

Can you guarantee me a job at the end of the bootcamp?

It is customary to say that the only things in life that are guaranteed are death and taxes…​ Therefore, it would be mega irresponsible to guarantee you something that isn’t 100% dependent on us.

One thing that we can clearly guarantee is that we’re offering you top education in a sector where the unemployment rate is close to zero, accompanied by ever-present support to your entry into a job market where there is a massive lack of new talent.

On that, our numbers speak for themselves: three months after the end of our bootcamps, more than of 90% of our <Code Cadets> are usually employed, happy && feeling awesome about the future ahead.

Need we say more?!

Ok. INSIDE TIP ALERT!!! The fantabulous <Code For All_The Netherlands> is always on the lookout for talented <Padawan Master Coders> to “marry“, in order to establish passionate, serious and everlasting professional relationships. Guess what?! If you stand out enough during the bootcamp, you may never ever have to leave us…


How much will I €arn if i get a job at the end of the bootcamp?

As you can imagine, there can be no fixed amount to your future earnings since it depends both on your quality as a developer after the bootcamp as well as on the employing company’s entry-level salary range.

What we can say at this point is that the gross salary of a Junior Full-Stack Developer in the Netherlands starts at about 2.200 Euros. // Of course there are companies out there that pay a lot more right from the beginning, but do expect them also to demand a lot more from you…

In 2019, the average gross salary of an I.T. professional in the Netherlands was 4.680 Euros per month. If you are used to a gross salary of 5.000 Euros (or more) per month, then you must bear in mind that you will temporarily have to take a small step back in order to take a huge leap forward…

Yet, the emphasis being clearly on temporarily, ok?! If you continue to work as hard as you did during the bootcamp, in order to keep improving yourself as a professional and as a programmer, you will very swiftly return to your previous salary level or even go far beyond that!

How does attending a programming bootcamp compares to getting a degree in computer science?

Both have been worldwide proven to be equally valid options in what concerns having access to a professional career as a programmer.

But the best way to approach this issue would be probably to ask yourself three questions: “How fast do you want/need to get to that career?”, “Are you able to learn new things at an insanely speedy pace?” && “Are you willing to miss out on other Computer Science subjects in order to focus 100% on Programming?”.

If you can say “Hell, yeah!” to all three, you are definitely a great candidate for getting a bootcamp education!

You see, bootcamps allow you to get to where you wanna be in a very short period of time but, in exchange, they demand that you take your learning abilities beyond its limits.

Also, by attending a bootcamp, you will most probably work with the very same technologies that are currently being used by the professional market, aka your future employers. And you will surely end up with much more “keyboard hours” than someone who attended university. That is a sure given!

Specifically in our bootcamp, you will have as well the added benefit of having a team of at least three <Master Coders>, constantly by your side, pushing you to your limits, catering to your unique learning necessities && making sure your code is damn readable && insanely “sexy”. Yup! There is a reason why our alumni are said to be much faster (Up to 4 times, BTW!) in what concerns becoming fully independent at their new jobs… We are willing to do whatever it takes to turn you into the best (possible) version of yourself! No university is willing/able to do that… That is not their goal and that is not how their model works.

But make no mistake: universities are awesome and we would never advise anyone against going for it! We just provide an alternative for people who can’t – or who don’t want to – spend 3-4 years of their lives at school in order to get into a career. If programming is really the thing you want to get to, our bootcamp is definitely the fastest route.

In the end, and all comparisons apart, both options are great depending on the specific needs and goals of who is asking that question. Which – in this case - is YOU, aka the "Sole Master of Your Universe" && the utmost accountable for the outcomes of your life! < ❤ />

What sets you apart from other bootcamps?

It’s virtually impossible to make an exhaustive bulletproof comparison to ALL other bootcamps out there… We don’t know all of them and we don’t talk about what we don’t know. What we can do ‘though, in order to help you with your decision, is maybe to list some of the core features that we think that have been fundamental to our success from our very beginning.

Starting with the obvious, let’s talk a bit about our application process: In it, each candidate – regardless of their previous academic background – will have to prove us they’re able to learn (and immediately apply) some of the basics of Computer Science && JavaScript by themselves. That allows, both the candidate and us, to evaluate that person’s readiness to enter a course (and, in the future, a profession) for which being a fearless resilient fast-learner is key. Even before enrolling into our bootcamp, candidates will have proven us they know how to deal with the inevitable frustration that programming implies, as well as how to get autonomously un-stuck of every challenge they’re thrown at. From the very beginning we tell them like it is, without any sugar coating whatsoever. That assures us that if you’ve made it to the bootcamp, you know exactly what you are stepping into. Aka that you’re in it for the long run!

After that, when at the bootcamp, you will have the HUGE benefit of having a team of <Master Coders>, constantly by your side, working full-time to push you to your limits, catering to your unique learning necessities && making sure your code is damn readable && insanely “sexy”. Yup! We are willing to do whatever it takes to turn you into the best (possible) version of yourself! That and to give you that classic badly need “ego-hug” from time to time. The fast pace of a bootcamp sometimes messes with our emotions and our self-confidence. And nothing beats having an amazing team constantly reminding you that you are awesome and totally able to get to your dream goal of working as a professional Software Developer.

Then, there’s our approach to teaching: unlike many others, we don’t do “magic formulas”. We don’t do “stuck-on-a-stack”. We teach solid programming principles && “clean code” practices, that allow our alumni to tackle any language, framework or technology they wish. Our alumni are fierce when it comes to facing new challenges, because they know how solid the foundation of their knowledge is, aka #GoodCodeNeverLies! Their immersive training also makes them used to work under pressure && within all kinds of ”hostile” environments. Empowered to be focused, hard-working && fearless, they’ll stop at nothing until the best possible solution is deployed! They’re passionate “lean-mean-learning-machines” && we’re dawn proud of that!

And that is basically our recipe to your success: the rigorous and passionate implementation of the above mentioned features. Of course that we count on you to add one last “secret ingredient”, without which all our methods would fall flat at a blink of an eye: Your mindset and behaviour throughout the entire length of the course MUST be the ones of someone who is willing to give it all to have it all! < 😉 / >

// More recently, and as a free-of-charge added benefit, we also offer all of our bootcamp graduates an extra 3-week post-bootcamp training in OutSystems (an up-and-coming low-code framework with an increasing amount of job offers), which will allow them to apply for an Associate OutSystems Web Developer official certification. As for those who really value an official HBO ICT certificate, we can still help by throwing into the mix an 8-week (1-day-per-week) on-the-job program with that diploma in sight!

How does the selection process work?

In order to conquer the much-coveted title of <Code Cadet>, you will have to (successfully) complete the two phases that make up our infamous selection process:

The first phase, which is done online, consists of a series of challenges that will be proposed to you by our application platform, aka “n01r”.

The second (and last) selection phase, which is in person, consists of surviving a long and intense workshop day - spent with our team of <Master Coders> - and achieving the status of approved candidate.

This entire process does not involve any costs for you or any formal ties with us from your side. It is just our way of trying to understand if you are already prepared to join our family and also an excellent way for you to be able to understand if programming is indeed something for you, and if it is with us that you want to embark on your journey towards it.

What do I have to do to start my application?

Easy peasy keyboard squeezy! Just click on the <Apply Now> button, register onto our “n01r” platform && follow “ipsis verbis” all our instructions. But make sure to do so on a computer && not on a mobile phone or a tablet, ok?

And do remember to hurry up! We have a limited number of seats and whoever gets – successfully – to the end of our application process, has priority access to the bootcamp.

Where can I ask questions during my application process?

We’ve prepared this mega <FAQ Yourself> that’s virtually doubt proof but, if even then, you get a “n00b attack”, worry not…

We have a deluxe debugging service at your disposal 24/7:

Just drop us an email (with your issue && phone number) at && we’ve got your back covered all the way #ToCodeAndBeyond. // Alert! We obviously cannot help you with the platform challenges… Yet, if guidance && || motivation is what you’re after, we’re all in, ok?

In the meantime, you can (and should) follow all our activities on our Facebook page, our Twitter profile && Instagram account so you can always be fully updated.

Remember that #InformationIsPower && #KnowledgeIsEvenMorePowerful!

Will the bootcamp continue to be in-person in spite of the pandemic?

Ça depend, but (unfortunately) neither on you nor on us… In these times of uncertainty to which we were (collectively && involuntarily) catapulted, the only thing that is 100% certain is that we all have to be prepared to adapt (overnight) to a plethora of plausible scenarios.

Whenever possible, aka whenever the current public health general guidelines allow it, we will do our best to remain in the already “classic” (ultra) face-to-face mode that characterizes us.

If not, we will opt to operate on a hybrid mode in which each segment of the class will alternate between in-person && remote on a daily basis, aka some days you will be pumping up code with us on campus, others at home with equal intensity, but via Zoom.

Yet, the likelihood that one of us will eventually get infected && that we’re all forced to confine indefinitely will always hang over our heads. It is the worst-case scenario (and one we will try to avoid at all costs BTW), but it is still plausible…

Therefore, it is essential that you realize that while we are in #CovidTimes, the assurance from your side of the quality of your technological setup && of your Internet connection will be a determining factor for your success at the bootcamp. Aka it is no longer enough for you to be a “machine”, but your actual machine && its internet must also be TOP notch! Hence, you MUST REALLY make sure that, in case you are catapulted home, you will still be able to always be at your best remote self, ok?!

Meet our <Alumni>...

"Formerly a Marketer with a MSc in Business Administration, I’ve always enjoyed solving problems by writing my very own little programs. <Code For All_The Netherlands>’ bootcamp caught my eye mostly due to their enthusiastic, human-centered && “no bullshit” approach to both programming && teaching. They are the real deal in what regards balancing rigor && fun. Also, in the end of the course, they expect you to be the best ambassador of their high “clean code” standards. Which, BTW, is what I am doing everyday at the amazing scale-up I’m working for!"



"After losing my job as an I.T. Manager, I decided time had come to unleash the amazing Software Dev I always knew lurked inside me. I needed a fast lane to that end-goal && that was precisely what this bootcamp offered me. It was tough, fun && demanding as can be, but it sure came through for me! Another thing that definitely set it apart was how passionate && committed our teachers, aka <Master Coders>, were in what concerned turning each one of us into the best possible version of ourselves. Their tough love can really take you places… It sure took me!"



"I first heard about <Code For All_> while living in their country of origin, aka Portugal. There, everybody kept telling me theirs was one of the most intensive && rigorous bootcamps out there! Since living in The Netherlands was a long time dream of mine, I decided to apply to their Utrecht campus thus “feeding two birds with one scone”. Best call EVER! As promised, they taught me how to learn at such a fast pace that now I feel there are no limits to what I can accomplish as a professional programmer! And, damn, I have so much fun at my new job that it feels like a hobby!"



"I was really unhappy in high school… Somehow their teaching methods didn’t suit my needs && were killing my motivation. Fortunately, && since I managed to survive their extremely demanding application process, my mother decided to let me drop out of school to enroll <Code For All_The Netherlands>’ bootcamp. It made a world of difference! I currently have an amazing job that I love && that pushes me to my limits every freaking day!"




It’s a freaking no brainer! Learning to program takes hard work, but makes finding a great job very easy! We believe that there’s a lot of wasted talent out there – either unemployed, labelled as school dropouts or stuck in dead-end jobs – that only need to be given a fair chance in order to turn things around. Programming needs you && you need us to get to it in just 14 weeks. Need we say more?! Just buckle up && start your journey A$AP!

// Still not convinced? Drop us a word && we’ll gladly call ya back. The only thing we love more than code, is people. Trust us! #JoinTheFuckUnemploymentSociety

Our <StartMakers>

We’re <Code For All_The Netherlands> && we’re all about snatching talented minds out of unemployment &&|| dead-end jobs' claws by teaching intensive && immersive full-stack programming bootcamps. Founded in Portugal, in 2015, we currently have 1000++ alumni working as software developers in 60++ I.T. companies, as well as seven active campuses (five in Portugal, one in Utrecht && one in Cape Verde). We pride ourselves on offering our students high quality training && extremely dedicated guidance, as well as on working closely alongside our partner companies, in order to supply them with (only) the right matches for their specific needs && requirements. #AllForCodeAndCodeForAll


<Co-Founder && CEO>

Christiaan van Bueren

Our resident fire starter && unconditionally passionate about creating meaningful jobs.


<Co-Founder && COO>

Mark Sedney

Our official dot connector && head-over-heels about turning talented people into programming shooting stars.


<Co-Founder && CTO>

Dennis van Rossum

Undisputed king of our digital universe, his entrepreneurial mind is always 100% set on matching (only) the right people with the coolest jobs around!