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Our motto? #InCodeWeTrust

Is your company in dire need of talented quick autonomously working Junior Software Developers?!

If so, we might just be the VIP placement “droids” you're looking for…

<Say Whaaat?!>
What We Do


Founded in Portugal, in 2015, <Code For All_> is a Social Impact startup that aims at snatching talented minds out of unemployment && || dead-end job’s claws through 14-week intensive && immersive Full-Stack programming bootcamps.

All-rounded in their skillsets && uncannily swift in what regards becoming independent within the workplace, our graduates are infamously know for being fearless “lean-mean-learning-machines” who will stop at nothing to get the job (well) done!

With a current track record of over 1000++ alumni, working as Software Developers in over 60 I.T. companies (among which are the Dutch Adyen, Topicus, Keylane, Kambr && Eaglescience Software), we can confidently say that we’re a treat to be reckoned with in what concerns matching the right talents to the best nurturing corporate environments for them to shine in.

How We Do I.T.


We set the tone for the high expectations we (and you, of course!) have for our alumni from the very first stage of the bootcamp, aka its application process: pushing candidates to the limit of their resilience capabilities by having them go through a highly demanding selection process (out of which only 5% of all applicants are accepted!), assures us that we’ll only be teaching uniquely brave && passionate people.

The bar remains high throughout the 14-week course, as we coach them into mastering strong fundaments, “clean code” practices && insanely awesome fast-learning skills.

At the same time, we engage our hiring partners from day one, in order to guarantee that we’re able to establish perfect matches between our alumni && the I.T. companies they’ll be working with. We are available 24/7 && will do anything we possibly can to make your recruitment experience a truly successful one!

Trust us. We’re not into random placement. We’re into building strong && long-lasting professional relationships #ToCodeAndBeyond!

Our Memberships


By becoming a member of the <Code For All_> hiring partners community, whether on a “single-bootcamp” or on a “one-year” basis, you will be granted access to the many perks && fun events our team has to offer!

Check the table bellow && see what plan better caters your specific hiring needs!

Membership Plans 2020/2021
Exclusive access to our graduates

// "First pick" option (Beware that the maximum membership amount per bootcamp is 15 companies. When all spots are filled, you'll be placed on a waiting list in order of registration!)

Preferred profile indication

// Be involved in our selection process && improve post-bootcamp matching success

Exclusive access to bootcamp events

// “Kick-off”, “Pitch Night” && ”Hackathon”!

Access to our alumni community

// Over 1000++ Mid-range && Senior Software Devs

// Available only to <One-Year Membership> partners!!! Sorry...

<Single-Bootcamp Membership>


// Fee per bootcamp
Hires Included0
Each Extra Hire€2.500
Early Bird€250
// Deadline by November 13th 2020!!!

<One-Year Membership>


// Fee per year
Hires Included2
Each Extra Hire€2.500
Early Bird€500
// Deadline by November 13th 2020!!!
FAQ Yourself

#ThisIsHowWeRoll 101

How can I be sure I’ll find the profiles I’m looking for within your alumni?

Early birds, always get the best worms… Right upon membership, we want you to share your preferred profile with us, so that during the bootcamp selection process we can already filter talents that might perfectly match your expectations by the end of the course.

Having a close relationship with our hiring partners from day one makes a world of difference when it comes to guarantee the solid matches we’re going for.

I don’t want to undermine our Senior Devs’ productivity by having them spending too much time coaching the Juniors I’ve recruited. Can you help me speeding up their onboarding?

Indeed we can. One of the strong points of our bootcamps is precisely to prepare our alumni to become “billable” within a very short period of time. It is our experience that our <Code Cadets> usually become autonomous && productive within an average of three months (whereas the "average" Junior takes about a year to come up to speed).

Nonetheless, we can also offer you tailor made "on-the-job-coaching" programs, in order to ease the burden on your Seniors as much as possible. Together, we can devise && implement a custom development plan that will boost each hire’s progress curve #ToCodeAndBeyond!

Where do your alumni work at? Can we talk to those companies?

Our alumni work at 60++ amazing I.T. companies, such as – amidst many others - Topicus, Adyen, Eaglescience, Kambr, Keylane, Deloitte, Fruition Partners, NovaBase, Altran, Glintt && Bool. And, yes! If you do want to know more about their experiences with our alumni, just let us know && we will gladly connect you to them!

We don’t work with Java && || JavaScript. Do your <Code Cadets> master other languages?

If there’s one thing that definitely sets us apart, it is our approach to teaching programming: unlike others, we don’t do “magic formulas”. We don’t do “stuck-on-a-stack” Juniors. We teach solid programming principles && “clean code” practices, that allow our alumni to tackle any language, framework or technology they wish. Our programmers are fierce when it comes to facing new challenges, because they know how solid the foundation of their knowledge is! #GoodCodeNeverLies

Their immersive training also makes them used to work under pressure && within all kinds of hostile environments. We empower them to be focused, hard-working && fearless. They stop at nothing until the best possible solution is deployed! They’re passionate “lean-mean-learning-machines” && we’re damn proud of that!

Does your bootcamp offer any official certifications?

If you do want to recruit someone that has a certification – let’s say an OCA or an HBO in I.T. certificate – we can offer our <Code Cadets> 4-8 weeks post-bootcamp && on-the-job programs, that will allow them to get certified.

We also give all of our bootcamp graduates an extra 3-week training in OutSystems, which will prepare them to apply for an Associate OutSystems Web Developer certification.

I’m also interested in Mid-Range && Senior Developers. Can you help me with that too?

Yes we can! Being active for over five years, has allowed us to built a strong community of around 1.000++ alumni – many of whom have already acquired a Mid-Range || Senior level – that we can easily put you in touch with.

So, if you are also looking for experienced developers && have a <One-Year Membership>, just share with us your ads && we’ll drop the word within our active community. Your first hire is on us BTW!

I’ve signed up for a "Single-Bootcamp Membership" && found no matches. What then?

Worry not! If you were not able to find a suitable match within the specific class you’ve signed up for, we’ll let you stick around for a next bootcamp free of charge! The only cost you will have will be the regular hiring fee we charge for each recruitment you do.


What do companies say about our <Code Cadets>?!

"During the bootcamp these guys & girls are thrown in the deep so often that they become fearless and able to take on any challenge they’re confronted with. No mater what, they’ll find a solution!"

Martijn Odijk

Fruition Partners, #OperationsManager

// 25++ alumni hired!

"We are very keen to hire <Code For All_> students as they are able to quickly learn new tools and frameworks, being capable to work with them independently while putting them to practice. They are billable in a much shorter time than the average junior developer. Trust me!"

Daniel Custódio

Deloitte, #TaxITManager

// 36++ alumni hired && counting…

Contact Us


Interested in recruiting <Code For All_> alumni, but still in need of some help to smooth out the actual details?! Get in touch with Mark. He is always available, happy to cater for your needs && eager to explain all the benefits we can offer you!

Mark Sedney

<Co-Founder && COO>

<Code For All_The Netherlands>

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